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How should I prepare for my marquee being built?

Customer preparation for a marquee build is minimal. Where applicable space for vehicles should be left clear as previously would have been discussed, and for the best results any grass a marquee will be covering should be freshly cut. Other than that provided you are happy with everything you don’t even necessarily have to be at the site for the majority of the build, although always being contactable is a great help.

Whilst working on site we always try to be as tidy as possible with minimal impact and encroachment on anyone else living or working in the area (although time taken out of your schedule to offer a cup of tea is always greatly appreciated!). Having said this, depending on the scale of the marquee being erected we may need to take up a little extra space at times where convenient and as non-invasive as possible. These details will be quickly discussed with you on site if required so that everyone is happy with how the work will proceed.  

We always aim to cause as little disruption as feasible and are more than happy to move any of our trucks or equipment during the day if required. If we are planning to spend more than one day on site we will of course inform you, and upon leaving the site to return the next day everything will be left as neat, tidy, secure and as self-contained as possible.

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What happens when my marquee is finished?

Once your main marquee structure is finished and you are completely satisfied your marquee company should hand it over to you and let you know how things such as electrics, lights, heaters, doors and windows function. They should also arrange a convenient time soon after the event to take down the marquee.

At Southern Marquees we like to help with the personal finishing touches such as hanging bunting, and Mandy will arrange to pay you another visit to ensure the final flourishes are just right.

Once satisfaction is assured any remaining balance is normally due.

After this the marquee company can take a step back and leave you (when appropriate) with the catering company to dress tables and add any other final elements you so desire.

However, should anything go wrong or should you require anymore advice your marquee company should always be available by phone to offer assistance or advice.

How do I leave the marquee after my event?

At this point the final, vital component of your day is that you enjoy it!

Everything should be in place for a smooth running event and with any luck you’ll be able to relax and make the most of all the hard work that has been put in.

At the end of your event all you need to do is liaise with your caterers or any other service providers that have been working with you on the day to make sure the marquee is left secure overnight, and then before the marquee is taken down remove any personal items or decorations from it and give it a quick tidy and clean up.

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When it is All Over

After the event we will endeavour to ensure that the site is clean of any rubbish or debris after our marquee has been removed. Often the only evidence of the marquee that remains is a number of barely noticeable stake holes in the ground and a neat patch of discoloured grass. This won’t last too long however (if the weather is good sometimes only a week) as the grass recovers quickly due to the breathable matting we underlay beneath our carpets. If a wooden subfloor has been laid very often there is no discolouration of grass at all.

Taking down a marquee is quicker than putting one up, and apart from any minor inconveniences presented by the process of vans being loaded you should be free to relax and recover after your successful function.


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